Bulk / Reseller

Interested in buying Refurbished computers in bulk direct from Dell Refurbished?

Buy premium grade Off-Lease Dell Products Direct from Dell. Each system is rigorously tested, fully functional and backed by our US-based Customer Service team. All assets include a limited warranty with an option to extend.

Products Sold in Bulk:

• Bulk Notebooks / Laptops
• Bulk Desktops
• Bulk Servers
• Bulk LCD Monitors

How to Qualify:

• Must Order a Minimum of 10 Assets
• Must be a Licensed Business in the U.S.
• Must Ship to Business Address in the U.S.
• No Freight Forwarders
• Computer Resellers must sign an agreement

Payment Options:

• Visa
• American Express
• MasterCard
• Wire Transfer

Please note: online coupons and promotions apply to online purchases only at www.dellrefurbished.com

Contact Us: US_DFS_Direct_Sales@Dell.com