About Dell Models and Descriptions
Dell computers from DFS Direct Sales offer distinct choices to help users meet a variety of functionality, performance and management characteristics, and budget requirements. Use this information as a guide to find the right system for you or your organization.

Inspiron Laptops
InspironTM Laptops
Dell Technology, Affordably Priced
Latitude Laptops
LatitudeTM Laptops
Durable, Standardized Network Laptops
Precision Mobile Workstations
PrecisionTM Mobile Workstations
Workstation Performance, Laptop Mobility
Home & Home Office Line Business Line Business Line
Stylish as a stand alone with the flexibility of wireless connectivity (fewer than 10 systems) Powerful mobile solutions for networked environments with the flexibility of wireless connectivity Designed for running professional workstations class applications on a system with the features and performance of a workstation and the mobility of a true laptop
Designed for mobility, balanced performance and desktop alternative functionality Designed for manageability, serviceability and compatibility to help reduce systems management requirements Powerful mobile system allowing for faster and better designing and creating
Excellent multimedia and graphics performance Feature stable images, long product lifecycles, common peripherals within product families Dramatically increases productivity by being able to work while traveling, from multiple locations and on site.

Dimension Desktops
DimensionTM  Desktops
Dell Technology, Affordably Priced

OptiPlex Desktops
OptiPlexTM Desktops
Stable & Dependable Network PC

 Precision Workstations
PrecisionTM Desktop Workstations
Workstation Class
Home & Home Office Line Business Line Business Line
Great for stand alone or basic network environments (fewer than 10 systems) Designed and optimized for networked environments to help lower Total Cost of Ownership Delivers and emphasizes the highest performance with data and graphics applications
Designed for the speed needed for power-hungry personal and small-business applications Designed for company-wide system standardization, serviceability and upgradeability Offers Dell’s most powerful processor and memory combinations and high-end graphics options
Easily expandable with outstanding multimedia capabilities Long-term compatibility with current computing infrastructure reducing obsolescence resulting in a greater Return on Investment (ROI) Great for acquiring the power, flexibility and support to enhance productivity and collaboration

Desktop Chassis
Select from chassis in a variety of form factors(1). Use the designation in parenthesis to determine the chassis type on the desktop inventory.
Laptop Models
Select from a variety of configurations of models available in inventory.
Small Form Factor (SFF) Small Form Factor (SFF) C Series Latitude Series - Feature-packed Laptops. Ultimate mobility plus unyielding performance
Mini Tower Mini Tower (MT) Precision Series Precision Series - Mobile workstation with large screen and ultimate graphics performance
Small Mini Tower (SMT) Inspiron Series Inspiron Series - Offers the freedom and productivity of mobile computing simply and affordably
Small Desktop (SDT)

For model specific information on any of the Desktops or Laptops offered for sale through DFSDirectSales.com please visit Dell Support pages.

(1) Images intended for general demonstration of chassis type only.

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